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Niiiiiiiiice! With a bit more animation and a few levels, this could be REALLY good! (it's really good now too btw)

Neato! I play a lot of shmups and I don't think I've seen a recharge mechanic like this.

Got here from your Patreon postmortem. I love everything about this, and I think your work is just fantastic.


Oh wow. Thank you so much Vincent! And thank you for your support as well <3

This have only 1 level?

yes, it was made in 3 days

i was a fan of this ludum dare submission! it appears you use construct 2 as well. do you think you could point me in the direction of some helpful tutorials?


Thanks Yaw! <3

Sure thing! What do you want to know? Some things I take for granted, because I came from Clickteam's programs (Klik and Play, Games Factory, Multimedia Fusion), so their forum is a cool place to learn techniques too.

Also Redfoc teaches some good stuff on youtube.

and I've written some articles on my patreon, including a post mortem for this game

Don't hesitate to ask me on twitter too, @castpixel

I came from multimedia fusion 2 but i never got too familiar with the program. I've actually checked out Redfoc's tutorials but I'm looking for something that explains in-depth how to program a turn-based rpg. I found actioncancel's Pokemon RPG tutorial which was great but it doesn't look like he's gonna finish it :( Oh, thanks for sharing your tutorials!

You're very welcome. Hmm turn-based RPGs are always hard. I used to follow this person's tutorials, which were very good: and now they've been released as a book. I suppose it's worth a shot?

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Yeah, there are so many good things about this game. You really took a few simple ideas and balanced them together well. I also really appreciate that the main character is not a white dude, even if it's a minor detail given by the title screen. Be proud of yourself, this is really good


Thank you so so much! <3 I determined 10 years ago that I would not make cis white male able-bodied characters, not because I don't enjoy playing them occasionally, but because there's a huge supply. So I try to mix things up. Ironically I haven't made a white trans lesbian character yet, despite me being a white trans lesbian, but eh :)

In 3 days, it's a polished result. Now I want to play more levels. ^^

This is super cute and clever