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Really fantastic!! :D

I could easily see a machine like this being in an arcade, and with people pumping quarters/tokens into it to try "just one more time", possibly to get it to spit out some tickets that would enable you to exchange them for a small plastic pterodactyl. 

Great stuff and a lot of fun! :)

Nice :) I love the dot matrix display

Its incredible to see that your work extends beyond pixel art! I also discovered you make cosplays! Thats incredible! Nice work!

Thank you so much Hugo <3 I enjoy a lot of things, like all people ^-^' I'm just not as skilled at things other than illustration and pixelart :D

Dear castpixel, this technique could fit very nice with a minigame I'm working on pico-8... could you please recommend me where can I find some references of 2D ball physics applied in a 3D fake handmade plane? I'm @rogermontserrat in twitter.

Really digging this! Now to wait for some enterprising soul to build the physical version of this 😍