I made this for Ludum Dare 38, theme "Small World"

How to play:

  • select a dig site (randomly generated)
  • dig until you find a fossil
  • pick it up (Z button) and throw it (Z button) at the starting area to collect
  • use the drill to block slimes and to always have some digging going on

Controls: arrow keys, [Z]: dig, [X]: drill

I wanted a bomberman clone plus archeology. Gameplay isn't very good yet, and it's buggy, and there's no sound, but I got a ton working:

  • a random skeleton generator. the idea was, after each level you try to piece together the fossils you collect, like a jigsaw
  • a random level generator, with soil, rock or obstacles
  • a semi-working tile based top down view
  • a semi-working and annoying enemy slime

things the game needs that didn't get in:

  • slimes trapped in soil, so there's a little more suspense
  • balancing the game
  • an indication that you're near a fossil, when you dig nearby
  • a powerup that reveals all fossils on the map
  • 2-player support

    edit: 29 April
  • bugfix: fixed sound (still no music tho)
  • bugfix: fixed a bug that made levels unwinnable
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