Just a demo/screensaver. I tracked the original music by Bomb the Bass in Pico 8. Then the computer plays against itself using some quick-and-dirty AI, and then Colin the Alien gives you a random one-liner.

Coded in Construct 2.
Graphics pixeled and music tracked in Pico8. 128x128px with the Pico8 palette, it was a tall order, but it was doable :D

Made for the #screensaverjam in 5 hours.

another quality program from @castpixel

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Published Jan 24, 2016
Tags8-bit, musi, PICO-8, pixelart, screensaver, Shoot 'Em Up


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Woah this is a dream! I wish you did it all in PICO-8 so I could read the code and learn a bit.
One of the best shoot'em'up on pc for...

Ages! :)

it was one of my favorite games when i was a kid

Mine too, Vladimir <3