An on-rails shooter you control with only your voice (mic required).

Any sound will do, but I suggest saying 

  • a short "pon" for shooting and 
  • a prolonged "waaaa" for filling the gun reload bar.

    Made in 3 days for Ludum Dare 44


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This game is pretty unique and fun, because you only have to shout commands to defeat your enemies. Perfect game for a quick match.

I wrote a review in spanish about Zap Signal that you can read here:


Zap Signal was a challenge to produce a Lets Play on.

When it comes to the Itch Dot Io Indies I'm used to using my squeaky rambly voice and a torrent of energy to entertain and communicate my musings.

But what if your voice is the only weapon in your arsenal to fight legions of mechs and monsters?

With a truly novel mechanic for an on rails shooter, 'Zap Signal' stands out for more reasons than the novelty of it's premise. With beautiful artistic stylings that thread throughout its every aspect and the fast paced gameplay that always makes you feel you're *slightly* losing control of the situation; you feel like you're being assaulted by tigers in sequin jackets.

It's beautiful but vicious.

In this humble players opinion this game should be winning awards for polish and art direction. It truly is that stunning.


Hey there! Really simple and cool game at the same time! enjoyed playing it! Have you considered participating in our GDWC #Gamedev contest? Check out page for more infos :) 

WOW Great!!!